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Ever looked at your quilt and thought, "Hmm, something’s a tad off here?" Maybe you find yourself battling with misaligned points or wrestling with wonky blocks that stubbornly refuse to meet the right measurements. Or perhaps you’ve spent more time picking seams than you’d like to admit. Frustrating, huh?

Well, it’s time to hang up that frustration at the door, my friend! Say a big, hearty hello to the Quilt Maker Academy - your own personal route to kick those quilting challenges in the rear!

Raquel Garcia

Hello! I’m Raquel Garcia and I am an enthusiastic fan of Brigitte’s classes and patterns. I started quilting when I retired about 6 years ago and started with the basic traditional patterns. Once I saw Zen Chic patterns, I was converted to more modern patterns, but I shied away from circles and curves. After taking the “Sew Curves” class, I tackled the “Bauhaus” quilt with great success! I am no longer afraid of circles and curves and plan on making the “Baby Balls” quilt for a new baby.


A key feature of the class is the ability to go back and watch the video when I need a bit of a refresher.

I recommend Brigitte’s class to anyone interested in learning from an accomplished teacher. I am looking forward to learning more techniques in the new Quilt Maker Academy


Gorgeous German! Can´t wait to see what you´re creating next!



And here is my #globequilt ! Loved the class so much @zenchicmoda


...Brigitte is a down to earth, open hearted and very kind artist, that happens to have grown up just around the corner from where I grew up. (how fun is that!?)


Adina Scholz

Ich habe ganz viel Freude an der Gestaltung der Blöcke in deiner Master class.
Es ist alles so toll erklärt und ich erziele Ergebnisse, die ich gerne anschaue.
Es macht so viel Spaß.
Und deine schönen Stoffe. Ich mag sie sehr und habe sie mir nie zuvor gegönnt.